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Write a skit.

Write a skit, a funny skit.
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Hello one and all. This is a community about that lets you express your creative funny self. What we do here is we allow you to post a skit, and then we let the community read it and after that they leave a comment telling you what they though of it. Everyone is nice, and they can leave a comment saying what you could've done better, it's like constructive criticism, only it can't be mean. No mean people allowed!

The rules:

No bashing anyone's writing, if you don't like it, just leave a comment with nice constructive criticism or don't say anything at all.

In this community you have to be accepted first, like, all you have to do is write a skit and we'll accept you, we just want serious members, I don't want people posting junk then leaving, that's all.
When you post a skit,in the subject line is where you type the name of the skit.

If we find out that you've stolen these skits from someone and posted them here then you'll be banned, the same thing will happen to you if you've stolen skits from the community and claimed them as your own.

If you want though, you can use already made characters or famous/infamous people and make a skit with them. Cause I mean, that's pretty funny.

Remember, we want your skits to be funny. I mean, even if you don't think we'll like it, we want you to think it's funny because we don't want to put any pressure on you to be funny. Just try your best, just write what you feel.


Except for like blantenly racist humor, like it's okay to do some race jokes, but I want any racist members coming in here and making a bunch of racist skits.

But, if you really feel that you aren't a funny person and you like writing skits anyway, than why not write a non funny skit? I guess, writing is writing and a skit's a skit.
Make all entries, friends only.